Affiliate Robot Test

Affiliate Robot Test

I just purchased “Affiliate Robot” so I thought I would do an Affiliate Robot Test.  I will explain how the system works as I go through it.

Step 1 Get something to Promote

This part is easy for me.  I have lots of things I promote.  Some are from Clickbank others are from JVZoo , Warrior + Global Virtual Opportunities and my favorite Now Lifestyle 2.0 I will try a few in this software for promotions. Beloow is my first one.  It’s objective is to capture a lead for my follow up list.  What I don’t like is it does not redirect to a sign up or offer page after opt in.

Option 2 Sales Video

Option 2 has some nice features like multiple product links at the bottom and they do redirect to the offer.

In both cases I selected for them to auto play, but they did not.

That option might work if you select auto play from the you tube link.

Both options can be shared to facebook, twitter, linkedin, reddit, pintrest

Option 3 Campaigns

Campaign allow you to leverage others people authority content and overlay your video on their web pages. See it in action

That is one I made for Commission Gorilla.  As you see, it has all my affiliate links across the bottom for the upsells and downsells so someone can pick what they want.

Social Media Sharing

Affiliate Robot Test was not complete yet.  I needed to try one more option.

In the back office, you can set up where you would like to share the advertisement.

Options are Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.  It is called the Combo Poster section.  Before it will work, you have to set up all your links from the social sharing area.

After all your data is entered once, no matter how many different campaigns you have it is easy.  You just click on the ones you want to broadcast your ad to and click send.  Instant Viral Sharing of your ad.

It makes a good looking ad on all the social networks, but does not autoplay.  I will have to get with support and see why it doesn’t.  I may be doing something wrong.


To make advertisements to post quickly with all your affiliate links to all the offers is a good.  I like alot of what it can do.

However, the only place to get the video links from is You Tube.  You will have to upload one if the offer is a vimeo or self hosted.  Not that big of a deal, just costs extra time.

The good thing is the You Tube video you add to your channel is another place to advertise your links and generate more sales.

The links are all tracked in the back office, but it is just a general tracking system.

Most of us have our own tracking software to track from and you also have tracking at clickbank, warrior plus and JV Zoo.  Also Click2Sell has good tracking.

The Autoresponder in Now Lifestyle 2.0 also has great tracking of your campaigns.

The Affiliate Robot software just gathers your leads to a file in the program. You will have to manually ad them to your autoresponder of choice.

There are much better landing page builders.  The best one I have found is also in Now Lifestyle 2.0.  It is similar to Click Funnels but a way better value and you can make an unlimited amount of landing pages that do integrate to the State-Of-The-Art autoresponder.

If you consider affiliate robot as a quick advertisement builder, it does a good job.

There are however much better options we can discuss in another article.

I hope you found this Affiliate Robot Test helpful. I would give it 3 stars.

Support is slow.  I have been waiting on a reply for over a week now.

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