Pro Email System with Autoresponder

Pro Email System with Autoresponder

pro email and autoresponder system

Host 410 websites come with a pro email system with autoresponder. This software enables the ability to send out bulk emails to all your subscribers. Also possible to filter your subscribers and send to a single campaign.

Set up the autoresponder to send out a pre-made set of emails to your latest subscribers. Unlimited amount of pre-made email messages. You set the interval that they will be sent.

Send a broadcast email to all or a few of your subscribers as many times as you like. Great for advertising a new product or service to your wh

ole list of subscribers or an update to a product already purchased.

This is the ultimate tool for getting you the time freedom you deserve. Without a good autoresponder system, you would have to send an email to each new subscriber. As your business grows this becomes an impossible task. But with this software and already written emails, all that work is automated for you.

When someone subscribes to your autoresponder campaign, they will recieve your pre-made emails set up by you so you don’t have to write the same message to each new subscriber. Some marketers I know have a whole year of pre-written messages that go out to their list.

Being able to send out a broadcast helps you communicate with your subscribers every day. To write emails to each subscriber with a list of 500 subscribers would take days. With the broadcast tools, it takes as long as writing an email and hitting the send button. This tool comes with tracking also. You will see which subscribers actually opened your email and whether they take action from it.

All of this is just one tool you get included with your web hosting here at Host410. To get this awesome tool and more along with hosting your website for 10 bucks a month. Start here

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