Starting an online business

Starting an online business is not easy. I tried for a long time with no success.

The first thing you need is a website that has what ever product you are promoting or selling. To have a website, you have to come up with a domain name that best suits the business you are starting.

There are many places to get a domain name, but first you should do some research. Check the competition for the business you plan to start and see what their domain names are and what other keywords they are using to promote their business. Then go to Google’s Keyword tool and try different keywords. Come up with a domain name that is right for you.

Next is to buy the domain. If you are not sure where to get one, I suggest you try this one

There is no pressure selling there, just pick a domain name you like and you are on your way.

Next is web hosting. There are hundreds of places to host your website also. Some will off you a good price on the first year, then they raise the price the second year. Almost all use C-Panel to control your web site files and set up.

In my experience, using many of them like Just Host, Go Daddy etc.. there is nothing special there to help you with your online business needs. Just a C-panel.

I needed online tools for success

The next thing I knew I needed after setting up my website was a way to drive traffic to that website. How do you accomplish that task without spending a fortune? The first place I went to was traffic exchanges. You earn credits to get people to check out your website. That brought me to my first dilema.

I needed to capture names and email addresses from my visitors. That required a landing page and an autoresponder. WordPress has some plug ins for landing pages but none that feed an autoresponder except awebber, mail chimp. They were both expensive. Like the web hosting service, after you get a few subscribers, the price goes up dramatically.

I searched and searched for a better way. Then I came across Send Shark, the best in the autoresponder business for a small amount of monthly expense. Truly the best autoresponder in the world. You can make beautiful landing pages and the autoresponder limit is 50,000 people on your list for less that 20 bucks a month. Awebber and mail chimp wanted almost 100 bucks a month for that many subscribers.

Okay, now I had a way to capture the names of the potential buyers of my products. Next is getting your offer in front of those buyers and having a way for them to pay for it.

I tried affiliate marketing

At first I was just an affiliate marketer, so that part was not that difficult. After I captured their name on my website and autoresponder, I could send them my affiliate links. I finally began to make money online. It still took lots of failures to find good affiliate products to promote that were a true value to my list. Without a good company with quality products, the pay off was very small. Then I came accross an entreprenuer online named Joel Therien. An online millionaire that was different. Joel started out in network marketing and understood the challenges. He is the owner of GVO, Now Lifestyle, Send Shark, HostThenProfit, meetcheap, and many others. The people in his group were making great money also.

Each one of his businesses had great value and I earned a profit from.

Still, I was thinking about the person just getting started online and how they are usually frustrated and eventually just give up. How could I help them get started down a successful path.

Starting an online business of your own

I decided to open this Host410 business. Nothing fancy, just a way to get a domain name and host your first website for 10 bucks a month. You get an autoresponder with up to 500 subscribers, a prospecting system to capture leads, an ez video creator for making videos for your landing pages and brand yourself. A webinar room to host live webinars. Everything I struggled with when I first started all together for a small price. Host any website for 10 bucks a month. That is where you are at right now.

No gimmicks, just good web hosting and business tool kit. The price will never go up on you as some others and you have all the tools you need included.

Now starting an online business of your own is easy. Fill out the form below. After you do, you will be sent to a Facebook Secure Checkout page to pay your 10 bucks. Within an hour or so, you will recieve an e-mail with your log in details and a link to your hosting account. As simple as that. You log in to your own C-panel and within a few clicks, you can set up a WordPress site of your very own to begin building your own web page. Expandable to 30 sub domains and 50 email addresses.


Web hosting 4 10 Bucks

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