What is a reseller?

What is a reseller? There are actually many variations of resellers. Walmart for example is a reseller. Amazon is the largest reseller. Ultimately in the retail world, you buy low and sell for a profit.

Each product owner has the right to decide if it can be resold and in which ways it can be sold. It is their product after all. They usually write an agreement that must be signed. ‘Reseller rights agreement’.

The difference between an affiliate and a reseller for example, as an affiliate, one does not have to purchase the product. The affiliate is free to advertise and sell the product for a commission. A reseller must purchase the product in order to resell it.

Every once in a while, you run across a product that has so much value, it sells itself. Then, if you let others sell that product as a reseller, you are a genius. One such person is Joel Therien. Owner of GVO.

Usually, there is another reseller upgrade. With the higher upgrade comes the potential for higher commissions.

The next phase of a complete funnel is the crown jewel high end product with even higher commissions for each crown jewel product sold.

To recap. One comes to a website for something they need. They purchase the product. Resell the purchased product to others for a percentage of the sale.

However, if your customer comes and buys one of the higher packages, one would lose the commissions to someone above you who bought the high end product, unless you have purchased the higher package.

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