WordPress don’t be afraid

WordPress, don’t be afraid.

Worpress is the most adaptable website builder on the market. Don’t be afraid of it, just because it is so adaptable.

It is very true that it may frustrate you, test your patience, make you yell at your computer, even throw things, but just remember this one fact that makes it okay. You can’t screw it up. If you find out it does not work, it looks terrible, or you just don’t like it, just start over.

Play with every single setting. Remember, you can’t hurt it, just go through them all. In the end, you will be glad you did.

You can’t hurt it

Once a few years back, I gave my wife a new computer. It had Microsoft Windows installed on it. I told her the same thing. ‘You can’t hurt it’, there is nothing you can do to it that I can’t fix. Well it turns out, she broke it several times, but there was always a restore point and I rebuilt it for her to try again.

She would get down into the cluster files and delete them to see what would happen. She would delete files she did not believe needed to be in her computer and lock it up again. In the end though, she learned how to take a brand new computer with nothing installed and get all the drivers, and install a fresh copy of windows. She perfected the settings and made the computer work just the way she wanted it to work.

WordPress is much the same thing. There are thousands of themes. Just when you think you have found the right one, there will be a feature that you need for your application and the theme you chose does not have it.

There are thousands of plug ins that are supposed to help you with functionality. Once you have them working the way you want, someone will come with an update that will destroy your site. Again remember, it is

WordPress, don’t be afraid. If you back up your website daily, that is a great re-start point.

WordPress don’t be afraid of Plug-ins

There are some really great basic plug ins that can keep you out of trouble. One is Site Health. The plug in checks your installation and gives suggestions. It will also give you a configuration file that shows everything about your installation including server details. Work with that plug in until at the top you get a Green Good indication when you check it. After that, just check it again every now and then to see that everything is still working good.

Another awesome plug in is YOST SEO. That plug in will help you write a good blog post that will have a good chance and ranking your website in search engines. Their daily blog is always full of great content to help your website.

So dive in to WordPress. You can’t hurt it or mess it up so bad that it can’t be fixed. Remember to turn on daily back ups and don’t get in too big of a hurry. Everything you learn that is worth while, takes time.

Here are a few starting suggestions:

  • Decide what you want your website to be about before you start. Is it a blog? A business website? A marketing Website. An Affiliate website.
  • What do you want the site to do for you? Collect leads, sell products, sell you as an expert in something you love to do?
  • What do you really love to do, that you know a lot about? Start with that.
  • Now search through the wordpress themes. I bet there is one already set up for your expertise.
  • Install and activate that theme. Now try to customize it until it looks right for you.

In my next post, we will dive further into WordPress. Before we are done, you will be able to build a wordpress site in a matter of minutes for any type of businesss you want to start. You want to learn this skill if you want real success online. You won’t have huge success with just one website.

Soon, you will make a website that actually generates leads for you, ranks in Google, generates it’s own traffic and earns you money. Back that one up for sure. Now duplicate it hundreds of times in different niches and make more money.

Have a great day, it is just WordPress, don’t be afraid.

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